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Delegating Your Workload to Create a Balance Life

Balancing your life between work and family is not easy, especially for a small business owner. You feel like you need to be involved in every aspect of your business but there are too much things to do, leaving you without any spare time for your personal life.

Do you realize that it is impossible for one person to manage all of the responsibility for a growing and productive business? If you’ve been spending most of your time on tasks you don’t enjoy, that’s the first sign you need extra hands in your business.

How to choose the tasks that you can delegate to other people? Well, every business is different, but in general there are several tasks that seem easy but also time consuming, such as:

• Bookkeeping
Recording all transactions, including sales and expenses might seem simple but it’s not. If you already busy doing other tasks and input the wrong numbers, it may create an unbalanced Balance Sheet. Rather than spend most of your times to check it, you better delegating it to the professional.

• Payroll & Taxes
Ask yourself a question, do you really have time to calculate and record all of your employees’ salaries, wages and bonuses, not to mention filing taxes? Both are not easy tasks to do but all have to be done. Life would be much easier if you can delegate those complicated tasks to the experts.

• Marketing
Marketing is essential if you want to grow your business, but not everyone knows how to expand your market. Delegating marketing to a professional who can use blogs, email, and social media will effectively help you to get more clients.

• Personal Assistance
You might think that you can handle all the simple tasks like booking tickets or hotels by yourself, but if your life is always on the go, even remember the time zone or days can be hard for you. If this happens a lot, then it’s time to have a personal assistant.

Delegating some tasks to new staffs may cost a lot to a start-up company, especially if you need a person in each field. However, there is another cost-effective way that you can do to get help, which is by subcontracting to another company like Cairdeas.

Cairdeas is a trustworthy one stop office for your accounts bookkeeping, financial reporting, social media marketing and all administration services. In this modern era, you can get those extra hands that you need so easily, since everything can be done online. Cairdeas will ensure that all aspects of your business are being done properly, so you can focus on the bigger picture and ensure yourself a balanced life.




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