Maximise Your Weekend for a Better Monday

Wondering why your weekends seem to end quickly and Mondays feel so long? Maybe it’s because you don’t spend enough time for fun, relaxation and recharge your battery on the weekend. Some people may not realise it but there are actually at least 48 hours free time that you can get every week, which means plenty enough to do your hobbies or anything you want, without thinking about your daily routines.


These are some tips to maximise your weekend and get ready for Monday.

Plan the Weekend Ahead.
They say that no plan is the best plan, but what if you’re planning your time to do nothing on the weekend? Sometimes if you have no plans then suddenly many people asking you to hang out and you’ll end up too exhausted for Monday. That’s why you need to schedule your ‘me time’ for an hour or two to be entirely selfish and self-indulgent.

Have Enough Sleep
Weekend is not a reason to stay up late and sacrifice your sleeping time. Do sleep for at least 8 hours on the weekend otherwise you’ll end up more tired than before.

Stay Away From Your Phone
It’s not healthy to spend most of your time connected to gadgets and social media because it may drain your energy at a time when you’re trying to recharge. You need to be apart from your electronic devices for a while. Try to focus on doing your hobbies or spending time with your loved ones without any gadgets for a few hours or more.

Have Fun at Work
Sometimes you still have to work on the weekend, either from home, in the office or travel to other cities. If you really have to work on the weekend, please find ways to make it enjoyable. Put on your favorite movie, music or podcast while working then take breaks for your favourite snack or a walk in the park.

Try a New Thing
Try to do something you haven’t done before when weekend comes. A small adventure like hiking or rafting, or doing a city tour to a place that you’ve never been before are just some of the examples. Basically, just do something that excites you and anticipate for something positive to come in your life.


“A weekend well spent, brings a week of content.” Unknown



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