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Best Halloween Costumes Ideas in 2016

October means Halloween, but nowadays Halloween is not about scary costumes anymore. The characters from video games, TV series or movies will outnumber the people wearing vampires, zombies or other scary creatures costumes. If you still confuse with ‘what to wear’ to this year’s Halloween party, then worry no more. The list of most popular Halloween costumes below will give you more ideas for sure.

1. Pokémon Go Characters
Pokémon Go took over the world this year, and that’s why many people planning to dress as Pokémon Go characters this Halloween. Pikachu as the most famous Pokémon will dominate the parties as well as Pokémon trainer, Ash. You will need to buy or rent costume if you want to be Pikachu or other Pokémon, but if you want the easier one, just go as a Pokémon trainer. It’s not difficult at all to create your own Pokémon trainer costume as you only need a backpack, a baseball cap, sneakers, gloves and some Poké balls.

2. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad
Known as one of the best blockbuster summer movies, Suicide Squad became a part of 2016’s pop culture and Harley Quinn’s daring look and attitude crowned her as the most favourite Suicide Squad’s member. Therefore, Harley Quinn’s look will surely be huge in Halloween parties this year. You can recreate her look by wearing pigtails, white t-shirt, red and blue shorts, choker, stocking, boots and also her dazzling make-up.

3. Eleven and Will from Stranger Things
The kids from Stranger Thing are also on the list, as the series becomes so popular that the cast are even invited by President Obama to appear at the South By South Lawn festival at The White House. So, if you’re one of their fans, then you can try to dress as Eleven or rock a puffy vest like Will. You will need a blond wig, a baby pink dress with a white collar, a blue jacket, striped knee socks, white Converse, and a chunky black watch to become Eleven. Oh and don’t forget to put a little fake blood at your nose. Meanwhile, to become Will then you’re going to need a plaid shirt and light-colored jeans, brown longish bowl wig and red puff vest with yellow stripes.

4. Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you must know Rey, another heroine that makes into our list. Rey’s tough look can be imitated by wearing beige cropped pants and sleeveless beige top, cotton gauze or muslin for the draping that goes over the shoulders, boots and extra muslin or gauze for the head wrap. Don’t forget to bring a large stick to copy the weapon Rey carries.

5. Jon Snow and Hodor From Game of Thrones
Deaths of beloved television characters are always tragic, but also fun to impersonate the death character for Halloween. That’s why King Jon Snow who is back from the dead and everyone’s favourite, Hodor will definitely be big this year. To imitate Jon Snow you will need a big, fuzzy fur jacket over your dark-colored battle gear and boots, belt buckles a black fur cape, black curly wig and must carry a sword. Meanwhile, if you want to be Hodor then you’ll need a simple brown garmen, leather belts and antique boots.

6. Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters is another movie that get on the list and f you want to chase some ghosts this Halloween, then it will be the perfect costume for you. The costume is also suitable for both genders, since the classic version is all males and the remake is all females. It’s quite easy to resemble characters from the movie as you only need a khaki jumpsuit, a backpack, gloves, boots and toy guns. Ghostbusters costumes are great for group costumes or family outfits.


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