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5 Things To Do If You’re Stuck In A Rut

Boredom can hit you hard, even for those who seem to have exciting lives. Why? Because what seems exciting to us may not be so exciting to someone else.


Some people love routine and do the same things everyday without feeling bored. However, other people may get bored from repeating certain tasks over and over again.

If you’re the type of person who bore easily, here’s what you can do to free yourself from being stuck in a rut:

  • Disconnect from social media

If you’re looking for inspiration, the last thing you want to do is check your social media or anything else online. Sometimes, all you need is to take a step back, disconnect from social media and connect with life again.

  • Quality time with your loved ones

The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences. Just do simple things such as eating dinner together, talking about the day or watching movies and you will have a clearer mind afterwards.

  • Take a walk in nature

Beautiful landscapes, beaches, mountains, flowers, animals – anything born of nature – has a magical way of drawing you in and making you feel apart of something alive and wonderful. Walking in nature makes us happier and healthier.

  • Write about it

Writing is therapeutic. You can write about anything, like your biggest disappointments or regrets as well as your greatest joys, accomplishments, and goals. Try to write about any thoughts, feelings, and experiences and include the steps you’ve taken to improve yourself. This way you can track how you’ve changed and progressed, and ultimately how you’ve turned negative experiences into positive ones.

  • Start a new project

Start a new project, something you’ve never done before that has nothing to do with work. It might be just a small project in the garden or doing your hobby, but the side project can make you more productive at work and overcome boredom.

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