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How To Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season

Holiday season is the time where people gathering together, to enjoy quality time with their loved ones. However, the season to be jolly and celebrate also comes with a lot of good food that mostly unhealthy. You may try to stay away from all the delicious main course but will eventually end up snacking sweets and drinks too much alcohol, which also not good.

So how do you stay healthy during the holidays? These are some of the simplest ways that you can do easily:

  • Always bring a healthy snack

Things such as homemade energy bars, fruit or veggies can make for great and filling snacks. Aim to eat regularly to avoid overeating, especially of the wrong foods and always have a pre-party snack like yogurt and banana. The yogurt’s protein slows stomach emptying, which helps delay the effects of that first glass of wine while the potassium-rich banana helps balance any increase in the salt intake. This is very helpful when you can’t find any healthy option in a party, so you don’t starve and give in to the unhealthy temptations.

  • Start your day with healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Always start the day with healthy breakfast like oatmeal or porridge. Porridge stabilises blood sugar levels, which helps control appetite later in the day. A healthy breakfast should also contain fruits or vegetables and low-fat protein. The combination of fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein and a small amount of fat will help provide the nutrients you need for good health and keep you from getting hungry too quickly. A healthy breakfast may also help you to concentrate and keep you from going through a mid-morning slump

  • Drink plenty of water

Make sure, as you go throughout your day, you are sufficiently hydrated. Even slight dehydration can trick you into thinking you’re hungry and therefore, more likely to overeat and give in to those treats. You should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water, or plenty of herbal teas or diluted juice. Even mild dehydration can lead to a headache and combined with the diuretic effects of alcohol makes maintaining your fluid intake so important.

  • Manage Portion Size

Take sensible portions so you don’t end up eating too much. Use smaller plates and serving utensils. Try a salad or dessert plate for the main course and a teaspoon to serve yourself. What looks like a normal portion on a 12-inch plate or a troughlike bowl can be sinfully huge. The size of the serving utensil mattered too.  Pour drinks into tall, skinny glasses, not the fat, wide kind. Other studies at Cornell have shown that people are more likely to pour 30 percent more liquid into squatter vessels.

  • Don’t be afraid to say no

Never be afraid to say no if you realise there is no healthy food that you can eat in a party. It will be better if you eat first before you go. This way you won’t have to turn to the high sugar, high calorie, high fat foods that don’t promote health and fitness.

  • Exercise

It’s easy to lounge your way through the holidays, watching football or chatting with relatives and friends and munching on snacks. But don’t stop moving. Keeping on track with your normal exercise routine is especially difficult with the extra business around the holidays. But making it a priority to exercise regularly this time of year not only helps you stay on track, but also helps decrease your appetite for unhealthy food. Keeping up your physical activity helps keep your weight from ballooning when the eggnog and gingerbread is passed around.

  • Relax your body and mind

The deadlines for shopping and gathering can raise stress levels. So can extended time with family members you don’t see regularly. Build in some time to relax and breath and do your best to get your full quota of sleep. When you are more relaxed you sometimes get more done—and feel better doing it. When you feel wound up or overwhelmed, take five minutes to breathe deeply and scan your body from head to toe. Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose to a count of four, hold your breath for a count of two, breathe out through your mouth for a count of four, and repeat.







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