Cairdeas Business Services was incorporated by Elaine Brodie, originally born in Scotland but has spent the last 25 years in Asia. Moving between Maldives, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Elaine has been involved in a variety of start-up companies and handling all the basics for them, building companies from scratch to opening international offices.

Elaine’s passion is to be that person behind the scenes, the right hand person that takes care of all the intricate details, government compliance, labour laws etc., and allows entrepreneurs to concentrate on what they do best and build their business. Her skills are bookkeeping and regulatory compliance, the ability to think out of the box and solve problems for clients even outwith the scope of the finances.

With her experience in the various countries, Elaine has a vast knowledge of the accounting regulatory needs in Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong and the best tax efficient way of handling your companies’ accounts. She has built a great dedicated team that is experienced in bookkeeping in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. In addition because of the personal relationship that is built between your accounts and the companies, due to the trust and integrity that must be in place with your bookkeeper, Cairdeas Business Services will go the extra mile to help you in various sides of your business as you grow.